We are reliable freight forwarder, customs agent and the declarant. We optimiser routes, bargain with cargo companies, fill the documents and make sure customs are cleared as soon as possible. If you want goods to be deliverd or you have a cargo that stuck at the border - choose us.

Groupage cargo

Speed up goods turnover with on-demand delivery through groupage. Save on small batch deliveries with other people like you. Dozens of our trucks running across our consolidation warehouses in Europe. We group cargo using trucks, ship containers and airplanes, so you have the best price and timing. 


Sell your goods to foreign markets and forget about logistics struggles. We bring the products from your factory, get them to the other country, clear customs and deliver it to destributor. 

Customs Audit

Any business with foreign trade requires lots of variables considered. We do audit on both sides of customs: under the customs procedure and accounting audit after customs clearance. We will convey your intentions for foreign trade to all the respective parties.


Door-to-Door service frees your time so you can focus on your amazing products. With optimizing your costs of import you keep prices competitive. The price always includes all the tarrifs meassures, customs clearance, warehousing and money/documents processing. 


Customs are easier to clear for already-known companies. It's just one of the benefit for outsoursing import. Your company does not fall under the risks with currency control; advance payments are on the importer's balance sheet; you don't waste your administrative personnel.